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[1080p] From the Galactic core, an ancient race is about to reach out to the stars once again. Known only as Zumanoids, this race of reptilian Keskudons have only one purpose: to exterminate or enslave ALL life that now populates the galaxy. These creatures are as mean as they are ugly and will only make allies to further their goals.

Will they succeed in purging the galaxy? Let’s find out!

Check out the awesome Bacon Mod Here:

This LP also features Haree78’s DW Extended Universe Mod:

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Game Settings:
Galaxy: Ring
Stars: 2000
Size 15×15

Expansion: Starting
Aggression: Restless
Difficulty: Very Hard (No scaling near victory)

Research: Very Expensive (480k)
Space Creatures: Many
Pirates: Normal, Weak, Nearby (No Respawn)

Colony Prevalence: Scarce
Independent Alien Life: Rare
Colony Influeunce Range: 89%
Enforce Colonization Range Limit: 1.00 Sectors

Race: Keskudon
Empire Name: Zumanoid

Galaxy Starting Location: Core
Home System: Normal
Size: Starting
Tech Level: Normal
Corruption: Normal
Government: Way of Darkness

Other Empires: 19 (includes Mechanoids, Shakturi)
Independent Colonies allowed to become Full Empires

Victory Conditions: 100% of 100%/100%/100%
No Shadows or Return of the Shakturi storylines
Tech Trading Allowed
Giant Kaltors Allowed

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