Distant Worlds Pirates! Monte’s Marauders

Now playing on YouTube! A new Distant Worlds series featuring Pirate Play!


Find the playlist Here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzEZx9zuF9_60Z5pLf38wk1G-ZBBlvR-G

Game Details:

Mods in use: AI Improvement Mod, Portions of DasTactics Chrome Mod
Galaxy: Spiral 1000 Stars 10×10 Sectors
Expansion: preWarp
Aggression: Chaos
Difficulty: Very Hard
Research Costs: Normal (120K)
Space Creatures: Many
Pirates and Pirate Strength: Normal

Colony Prevalence: Normal
Independent Alien Life: Normal
Colony Influence Range: 84%
Colony Range Limits: 1 Sector

Race: Random
Pirate Play Style: Raider
Start Position: Outer Core

Starting Empires: 18 Random preWarp in Normal Systems

Victory Conditions: 85% of 40%/40%/40%
All Stories EXCEPT SHAKTURI enabled
Kaltors and Tech Trading Allowed

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