[27-Sep-13] Today On The Bike – Omemee Trestle

Just had to return to this spot again. The Omemee Trestle offers a spectacular view. Spent over an hour there just taking in the view.

I ended up walking for about 2 hours on the return trip — not because I was tired or broke down, but because I needed to slow down, turn off the music and just listen… So peaceful out there.

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of September. Still feels like summer out there! 🙂


  • East on the Trans-Canada Trail (access now hidden in the middle of a field thanks to construction).
  • Omemee Trestle is located on the east side of Omemee toward Peterborough
  • Return Home.

Music: Various Power Metal – Keeps the heart poundin’! 🙂

Date added: 27-Sep-2013 (Trip Total: 40km)