[05-Aug-13] Today On The Bike – Fenelon Falls!

Headed North on the Victoria Rail Trail with Fenelon Falls as my destination. This was my first time getting to Fenelon this year and hope to return again before the summer is over. The trail leads to the Fenelon Locks where you can watch all the boats go through. I normally like to hang out at the locks for a while but the fumes from the boat engines choked me out. North of Fenelon is some of my favorite riding - the trail hugs the lake shore for quite a distance allowing you to take in the scenery while you ride. It was also a perfect riding day. 🙂 Route:
  • Trail entrance located off William St. N.
  • Follow trail to Fenelon
  • Return Home.
Music: Various Power Metal - It keeps me young! 🙂 Date added: 05-Aug-2013 (Trip Total: 50km)