Distant Worlds – Ancient Galaxy

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We take on a new game in the Distant Worlds “Ancient Galaxy” as the Terran Federation. All is at peace, but for how long? Ancient threats loom to the north with other minor threats lurking close by.

Can we save the Galaxy before all is lost? Tune in and find out!

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Get Distant Worlds HERE: http://www.matrixgames.com/store/515/Distant.Worlds.-.Universe

Using the Ancient Galaxy Theme

Game setup details
None, really – hit the Ancient Galaxy button on the New Game Screen and that’s it.

Difficulty: Normal (Scenario default)

Victory Conditions: 80% of 33%/33%/33%

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Call to Power 2 – Apolyton Edition

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Monte’s Way-back machine brings you: Call to Power II – one of the better Alt-Civ games out there. The Apolyton Edition makes it even better!

Get it here: https://www.gog.com/game/call_to_power_2

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Rimworld – Classic Newb Series

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In this series, I will test your OCD to the LIMITS while you yell and claw at your screen as a total newb takes control of three survivors of a shipwreck on a distant world. (No, not Distant Worlds) 😉

RimWorld is in early Alpha (v0.16) and You can find it here: https://rimworldgame.com/

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Distant Worlds Pirates! Monte’s Marauders

Now playing on YouTube! A new Distant Worlds series featuring Pirate Play!


Find the playlist Here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzEZx9zuF9_60Z5pLf38wk1G-ZBBlvR-G

Game Details:

Mods in use: AI Improvement Mod, Portions of DasTactics Chrome Mod
Galaxy: Spiral 1000 Stars 10×10 Sectors
Expansion: preWarp
Aggression: Chaos
Difficulty: Very Hard
Research Costs: Normal (120K)
Space Creatures: Many
Pirates and Pirate Strength: Normal

Colony Prevalence: Normal
Independent Alien Life: Normal
Colony Influence Range: 84%
Colony Range Limits: 1 Sector

Race: Random
Pirate Play Style: Raider
Start Position: Outer Core

Starting Empires: 18 Random preWarp in Normal Systems

Victory Conditions: 85% of 40%/40%/40%
All Stories EXCEPT SHAKTURI enabled
Kaltors and Tech Trading Allowed

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Distant Worlds: Universe on YouTube – Extreme Survival LP

Distant Worlds: Universe is due for release on the 23rd May, 2014.
(Get it here: http://www.matrixgames.com/products/515/details/Distant.Worlds.-.Universe)

To Celebrate, I have started a preview series of Distant Worlds: Universe on my YouTube channel called Extreme Survival. In this series I crank up the difficulty! Let’s see how long I can survive in a hostile Universe!


Distant Worlds: Universe

Distant Worlds: Universe LP on YouTube

Game Version

Cranking the difficulty to MAX for this LP. We’re simply out to see how long I can survive with these settings. At the same time we’ll be looking at some of the new UI options while micromanaging the game play.

Game Settings:

Spiral Galaxy
Stars: 700
Size: 10×10 Sectors

Expansion: PreWarp
Aggression: Chaos
Difficulty: Extreme
Research Costs: Normal
Space Creatures: Many
Pirates: Very Many
Pirate Strength: Strong
Pirate Proximity: Nearby
Pirates will Respawn

Colony Prevalence: Plentiful
Independent Aliens: Plentiful
Colony Influence Range 100%
Enforced Colonization Range: 0.5 Sectors

Race: Gizurean

Starting Location: Outer Core
Home System: Agreeable
Size: Starting
Tech Level: PreWarp
Corruption: Normal
Government: Hive Mind

Other Empires: 19
Independents Allowed to become Empires

Victory Conditions: None (Sandbox Mode)
Orginal DW Story: Enabled
Shakturi Story: Disabled
Shadows Story: Enabled
Distasters: Enabled
Race Events: Enabled
Tech Trading: Allowed
Kaltors at Start: Allowed

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